USD 462 Central of Burden
(620) 438-2218
Serving Burden, Atlanta, Grenola, & Cambridge
700 N. Main / P.O. Box 128 / Burden, KS 67019

In addition, many students attend school in
USD 282, West Elk District  
(620) 374-2113
that serves Howard, Moline, and Elk Falls.
West Elk High School  
S. Highway 99, Howard / (620) 374-2147
(620) 438-3195  Or 1-888-303-2215 Fax 620) 438-3198\
Serving Burden, Atlanta, Grenola, and Cambridge

Home of the 1987 3A State Football Champions

This is the third grade class 1938-39
Pauline Arbuckle was the teacher

1st. row R to L Kenneth Jones, Barbara Neubacker, Bonnie Hull, Ann Stiles, Wynona Lyons,  ?  , Jack Stegelman

2nd. row R to L Sally Logston, Richard Stiles, Robert Wemmer, Alice Snare, Jean Potter, Glenda Jordon,   ?  ,

3rd. Row R to L,  ?  , Jack Schull, Kenneth Mcdade,  ?  ,  ? Stiles,  Wayne Dory,  Garland Dory,  ?
West Elk High School in Howard, Kansas
Misty Teague is State Champion at the Kansas State Track Meet at Wichita State University
Central High School